Thursday, 30 June 2011

Blackbirds & Tennis!

This morning at goodness knows what time I was very noisily awakened by a Blackbird fledgling! We are very priviledge to have a family nesting in the garden this year, but oh my goodness this little guy has a very big voice.

He's their 2nd fledgliing of the season, the first chick was a female but I didn't know the nest was even there until she was about ready to leave.

The little guy hides out in the nest most of the time and lets everyone know when he's hungry, he does venture out occasionally and is particularly cute because he hasn't grown his tail feathers yet! I'm hoping that they manage to raise another chick this year, but I think its a little late in the sason now.

This is the best photo I have of him so far - I'm attempting to catch him on the fence but he spots me before I get one! (He's just above centre, on the rocks)

So while I'm watching him I'm also getting my annual dose of tennis! It's the second week of Wimbledon, just the semi-finals and the finals left to go.

I really love watching tennis (I'm terrible at playing it - I can bearly get the ball over the net!), but because we don't subscribe to any sports channels the only tennis i really get to watch is Wimbledon. 

I'm still shocked that Federer is out in the quarters!!! I'll be naughty at work tomorrow and will be following the Semi's on live feed via the good old BBC, and will be settling down on Sunday for the finals - hopefully Andy Murray will be in it!!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Hello and some embroidery!

So a hello from me the blog world!!

After a long time of thinking about it I've decided to start blogging. I read so many wonderful blogs, which I will share with you over my posts.  If I can capture something of the enjoyment that I get from reading blogs I will be more than happy.

A little bit of embroidery...
For a good while now I've been ready Wild Olive, Mollie Johanson's blog and I absolutely love it!!  So when she announced her online embroidery class 'All in the details' I couldn't wait to join.

Here are some photo's of my efforts so far following Mollie's lovely tutorials...

I've changed the theme of a couple of the items to suit UK holidays so that I could use them to celebrate!

Let it glow lantern
I realised after stitching this that the dark fabric wasn't the best plan, so I will be stitching up some more of these to use as a lantern and will use this little guy elsewhere.

Bitty Baubles

This was a lovely way to practice using various embellishments and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I particulary like the sequins which I'm quit surprised about because I must admit I'm always unsure of!

Just like fireworks wreath

As you can see this isn't at all firework like!! rather than the original 4th of july theme I've gone with a christmas theme and I love this little project the most so far.
I'm definitely going to be making some more of these to decorate our home this christmas

Thank you to Mollie for these projects!

Dodgy Photo's
I feel that I need to apologise for the photo quality for anyone viewing these pics. When I came to take some photo's over the weekend I discovered that my camera isn't working! Not what I wanted to discover when I'd decided to start my blog.
One of the things that I really love about blogs are photos that work with the words to make a blog what it is and for my first attempt I had to resort to my iPhone camera, which I have to say isn't the best of camera's!
My next mission is to try and discover the fault on my camera or get a new one as soon as possible.