Saturday, 3 September 2011

Day 3 - People I Love

- My Husband, Tim
- My Mum
- My Nanna
- My Closest Friends
- My Family

- Neil Gaiman - for his amazing imagination and skills as a storyteller
- People who create - anything no matter how big or how small (that creation is)
- People who choose to share their knowledge with others

Although we are only three days in I'm really enjoying writing these lists.

Even though we got the prompts quite early I've been waiting until the daily list is announced to write my particular list, as I want these lists to really show how I'm thinking on a particular day.

If you are joining in with 30 Days of lists, how are you going about the writing of them?


  1. I've been waiting until the actual day of list comes up as well. I think it's more fun to think on my feet and see how my mood and thinking that day affects my lists too.

    Neil Gaiman? Awesome! Probably my favorite author of all time!

  2. I like your list and your blog is so pretty. The same goes for me and finding out that day what the lists are, no peeking. I love surprises and that's how I'm taking each day, feels more real that way. So far each day has been a happy list to make.

    My lists are at

  3. Ooh I'm glad other people are putting their lists together on the day too!!

    Kristin - Neil Gaiman is a genius! I'm trying to expand my collection of his books at the moment, which is far to small at the moments in my eyes !

    Dawn - thank you for the sweet comments