Thursday, 8 September 2011

Day 7 - I'm not very good at...

- Singing - I so so bad at singing, but I still sing aload in the house and sing so load in the car that I end up with a very bad throat after a long journey!

- Finishing craft projects

- Telling Jokes - I can never remember the punch lines

- Mornings - I really hate the getting up part! Once I'm up I take ages to actually wake up and my husband is banned from talking to me in the mornings for atleast half an hour (weird I know but I've always been the same. Once I'm awake I love mornings, but the waking up bit is hard!

- Being tidy - I'm good at tidying up, but then the tidyness goes wrong very very quickly.

- Watching programs I've recorded on sky plus - Tim insisted I add this one

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