Thursday, 1 September 2011

30 Days of Lists - Day One

September is here and with it the start of 30 Days of Lists which I've really been looking forward to!

I'm looking forward to seeing everyones lists, I've just been having a look at everyones lists and I'm already inspired by them!

Here is my first list...

1. Start making some christmas presents - I have the supplies for several things that I'm making this year (I've been on a mission to start early for this christmas, I usually leave it too late to give as many handmade gifts as I'd like!)

2. Read atleast 2 of the books I've borrowed off friends and family - I have a mini stash of such books, and at the minute this stash is building as I'm doing most of my reading on my kindle.

3. Return the books to friends and family once they are read! - I usually end up keeping them for ages, in fact I have one outstanding return at the moment that I need to get to my friend

4. Settle into my new work routine properly - I'm in my 3rd week of my new job now, and the change has really thrown me! All of the learning I'm doing is really fun, but very tiring and I'm doing next to nothing with my evenings. I want to get into a new routine that means I can enjoy my evenings without being too tired for work the next day!

5. Do some things to customise my blog - it's all template-y at the moment, and I have a plan for a banner and a few other things which I want to update on here!

6. Make at least one of the free kits that I get with my 'Mollie Makes' subscription - this is a relatively new UK based crafting magazine which I fell in love with straight away and subscribed to. There is a free mini kit with each issue and I haven't made one yet!! They are too cute to be left in their packaging un-used.

7. Carry on my healthier eating start to my new job - healthy eating is something that I'm not great at, and I get into bad habits really easily! Starting my new job has helped me change a lot of bad habits and I really want to keep them up with the hopeful side effect of loosing some weight!

My list book was originally going to be handmade, but my Mum randomly brought me this cute book and its perfect for lists so my 30 days will be within this...

I hope you enjoy reading my lists!

g'night x


  1. love your list, good idea of starting to make chirstmas presents... i might add that onto my goals for this month too!

  2. thank you - I'm determined to get at least one finished too!