Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Blog Neglect

The week before last I started my new job - woohoo!

but it really really threw all my routine out of whack, so I been neglecting all my blogigng activities of the writing and reading kind.

I've got a lot of posts to catch up on...

yep - that's 989 blog posts to be reading!

I'm on a catching up mission now.

One of the main reasons my new job has really knocked my routine is becasue I've been so so tired when I've got home for the evening - it a good way, because its all from learning new things which is really a good thing.

My spare time has mostly been spent in a half asleep state for the past couple of weeks, but I'm back in a normal routine now.

I have spent some time reading - its my go to hobby when looking for something that's not brain and I read some books to relax, so I have a read a couple of the past couple of weeks.
I've finished A Feast for Crows by George R R Martin 
Also I've finished Heart Sick by Chelsea Cain, and Summer of Love by Katie Fforde.
Three very different books, but I really enjoyed all of them.  I've started Cottage by the Sea by Ciji Ware which I'm enjoying too!

I'm hoping that everyone has had as enjoyable couple of weeks as I have!

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