Friday, 12 August 2011

Tiramasu Sundaes

On Wednesday night me and Tim spent the whole evening watching a lot of episodes of How I Met Your Mother - again!  I think its taken us three weeks to watch 4 seasons of it. Its legendary.

After tea Tim decided that he wanted something sweet to eat, and we don't keep sweet stuff in the house (otherwise I eat it far to quickly). So he decided to nip to the shop and came back with all of this!!!!

which was (minus the raspberry sauce) then turned into this!

It was delicious but I had a major sugar rush afterwards.

Last day at the office

On Monday I start my new job at a new company. I had my last day at my old job today.

I left feeling a mixture of sadness and excitement.

It's become tradition that people leaving take in some home baked goodies so I went with Chocolate Brownies - the went down well - this is all thats left of a full tin!

I've got a full craft day ahead of me tomorrow, I'm hoping to finished a quilt that I started months ago and get started on a lap quilt for my nan. Sunday is going to be a relaxing day preparing for my new job!

What has everyone got planned for their weekends?

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