Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lazy Sunday

After a busy day out yesterday, I've had a lazy sunday!

One of Tim's mates has been round for the day so they've been playing geeky games. I sometimes play a board game with them, but instead I've spent my day reading blogs and stitching.

I've added a whole lot of blogs to my feeds mostly from bloggers that are also completing 30 days of lists.

Blogs are so inspiring, I'll share some of my favourites new finds over the next few days!

I've been stitiching today and I've completed a set of sewing accessories, here they are...

A pin cushion, a needle book and a scissor keeper!

I came up with the patterns as I stitched and I've really pleased with how they turned out, let me know what you think?

I hope everyone had good weekends x

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