Saturday, 6 August 2011

Day Trip

Tim planned a day trip for us which took us to Stratford-upon Avon which is the birthplace of William Shakespeare.

This morning, we went to the pub just down the road from us and had a Full English Breakfast - it was a bit more like brunch because we didn't eat 4pm after that!

After the Tim drove us to S-u-A which is only just over an hour away.

The last time that I went was about 15 years ago with school! This time we didn't go into any of the visitors centres, which I'd like to go back and do at some point, so we spent the day wandering around the town.

We saw a street artist taking a bow

Tim spotted some blackbirds while I was shopping for ribbon.

Olde Worlde houses.

Walking throught town there is a jester statue.

The walking out of town we ended up visiting this church which is the place where Shakespeare is buried.

We walked back down towards town which was along the river and stopped for our picnic.

This is the main monument to Shakespeare which is in very close the Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre which is right on the river.

Close by we saw these lovely flowers, and a bumble bee collecting pollen

and here is the theatre which is on the river also!

I had the best day I've had in ages :)

Scary spider!!

Last night while we were watching a lot of episodes of How I Met Your Mother the biggest spider wandered across the lounge floor.
It was so huge we saw it in the dark and then Tim proceeded to trap me in the bathroom by placing the spider right outside the door - I was very freaked out!

I hope this isn't scary (Tims finger is there for scale!)

Tim set the spider free on the green in front of the house!!! eek!

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