Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Not an early night...

I was planning on one, as I'm working hard at my day job handing over my work to the guy who will cover for me after my last day there on friday! (I'm excited and nervous all at the same time about starting my new job on monday!) Who'd have thought that thinking was so tiring!

So after a trip to Costco to buy chocolate brownie making supplies to take to work for my last day, I've been spending my evening reading blogs.

There is a give away on Wild Olive

Some brilliant links on mylifeasateacup

I particularly love the whole book on a page link to Spineless Classics - I really really 'need' one of these!
I know its early, but I will be dropping some major hints to my husband for one of these for Christmas!!

The most exciting are the ComicCon posts on A Tale of 2 Monkeys - I love Comic Con!!! Every year I love catching up on the goings on and its great to read stuff from the point of view of a non-press person :)

I can't over emphasise how much I reallly really really really really want to go to ComicCon!!!!!! I would love to come visit America and my ideal would be to go to ComicCon as well!! Would love it!


I've been trying my hardest to comment on several blogs, and unless there is an option to put name and URL its just doesn't work!
I've managed to post a couple of comments using Open ID, and attempted using my google account but it just keeps circling to the login page! I'm hunting for a solution on line but not coming up with much - its driving me crazy!!

A Little Thank you...

to you lovely people who are following me :) 
I'm really having fun starting my blog, and over the next few weeks I'm hoping to gradually make some changes to make it a bit less 'template' and a bit more 'me'.
I hope you're enjoying reading me, and you'll like what changes I hope to make (the hope is due to my lack of technical computer-y skills which I'm trying to remedy)

I'm off to bed now, I wish everyone one a good night x

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