Monday, 18 July 2011

Over the weekend me and Tim went to visit my Mum and Step-dad, and stopped over on Saturday night. Their place is about 2hrs drive from us so we always try to go when we can stay over!.
Because we were visiting I didn’t take anything crafty with me for the weekend, although I did end up reading an awful lot, because we have to wait around a lot for my Mum as she takes an age to get ready to go anywhere.
I’m reading the A Clash of Kings the 2nd book from the Song of Fire and Ice Series, of which A Games of Thrones is the first.
We watched the HBO series of Games of Thrones when it was on TV not so long ago and really enjoyed it. I love fantasy books and it was really good to see an adaptation done so well on screen, I really think that fantasy benefits from having a whole tv series rather than a film adaptation because you can explore the characters almost as much as a book can.
Dragons are by far my favourite mythical creature, I really like the many different ways they are portrayed in literature and on screen. I don’t have a favourite incarnation, I like everything from cutesy imagery to them being mage’s to being fierce warriors!
Here are some pics of the various incarnations of dragon that I have around my home!
A blackwork dragon that I stitched a couple of years ago…
This is one a bluey-grey linen fabric stitched with black DMC cotton blended with a deep red Kreinik blending filament. Blending filaments are one of my favourite ways of adding a bit of sparkle to embroidery as they don’t cause me as many problems to stitch with as other metallic threads.
Pocket Dragons
I’ve got a small collection of these little guys that I’ve had for about 10 years. I don’t like to have massive collections of the same range of things so I keep most of these packed away and rotate the ones I have on display – at the moment it’s the ones in the photo's.
Warhammer dragon
I’m really proud of this one because I painted him myself.
Tim used to work for the company that makes Warhammer, and I was kind of getting into the game so have an army myself. Here is the main website for the company if you want to see more.
The army that I have is the High Elves, but this dragon is about the only model out of the army that I have painted!!
My friend is heading round for a pasta dinner so I'm off to get cooking!

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