Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Things I love about crafting #1 - Supplies!

Today I recieved some felt that I ordered from Paper and String and was a reminder of how much I love craft supplies (I know all I really need to do is look at my stash upstairs!)

I've been reading the Paper and String Blog for ages - it's one of the first blogs I regularly read and its one of my favourites. This blog really makes me smile because everything about it is so bright and happy! The materials or gorgeous and the supplies are perfect!

So I got my felt and I really love how it was packaged...

I almost didn't want to open it - the purple bag in the background is the postage bag, and the tissue paper wrapping was perfect - the need to get to the felt won out though!
...and look how how lovely this is - 45 different colours of 9" Square felt! It feels gorgeous! I've been waiting for ages to find an excuse to order this; after using the felt from a certain UK chain craft store this feels like heaven and I can't wait to use it!

 The ribbon holding it together is a nice mint green polka dot which I'll be able to use for something (or just keep in my stash of pretty things...)

Unfortunately I had to put this to one side for tonight because I've had to prepare for an job interview tomorrow. Fingers crossed I get it!

To reward myself I used up the very very ripe bananas to make this Banana Cake, which is cooling down in the kitchen as I speak - yum!

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