Friday, 29 July 2011

30 Days of Lists...

I'm looking forward to registering for 30 Days of Lists.

This is the state of my usual lists - I tend to write them on post its at work and then they get stuck in a book.

I will definitely have to make a nice book or collection of notelets to write my 30 lists on :)

I found out about this on from Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard - when I started reading this blog, I read
whole load of the archive posts and Janee who writes the blog had completed the original 30 Days of Lists, so I was intrigued!!

I got looking at the original and saw there was one coming up in September - pre-registrations starts next week! I will definitely be there!

p.s. While I was out the room getting my camera Tim wrote this for me; -

Louise's Husband loves her very much

He's all tired and cute at the minute x

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