Thursday, 14 July 2011

Pincushions & Photography

I was really worried that my camera was broken, and more than happy to discover that it was just a dud battery :)

£10 lighter rather than the expected £50+ I have my camera back!

So now I can start getting some decent photos, here is the first...

These little pincushions are hopefully the start of something that I have big plans for :)

The are very much the beginnings, but I'm pleased with how they are looking so far!

On photos

I'm definitely a beginner in the photography stakes, so was intrigued by a magazine that I spotted in Tesco the other day - Photography for beginners

Without having my camera working its a bit tricky to practice some of the tips, but just from reading through the magazine I've spotted a few interesting things that I'd like to try out.

I've also decided to invest in a mini tripod, because a lot of things that I photograph really need a steady hand!

I hope peoples are having a good evening, I'm off to my friends for some good old spag bol now, goodnight x

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