Friday, 1 July 2011

Sophisticated Stitches!

This is some more practice from the 'All in the Details Embroidery Class' from Mollie (Wild Olive)

These stitches are from the Sophisticated Stitches class and I'm really pleased with how this tured out.
I decided to go with a bit of a random pattern just by drawing round a couple of circular things that I had to hand.

The floss isn't anywhere near that bright in real life again its because its on my iPhone (I really need to get that photo Apps that was recommended!) - oops and I've just realised I took the photo without removing the marking lines!

Some of the stitches look a bit too alike, so I think I'll practice these on some straight lines so that I can see how the are formed a little easier.

This class and the Bitty Baubles one has helped me not be scared of just practicing, and because embroidery is pretty whatever happens you end up with something nice! Thank you Mollie :)  


  1. I have only done one of the Sophisticated Stitches so far and think of tackling a few more tonight!

    I like your color choices and how it almost looks like a Venn Diagram :)

  2. They are really fun to do - Mollies tutorials are so easy to follow!

    A Venn Diagram is just what I had in mind when I was drawing it out! I'm glad you saw it!