Monday, 25 July 2011

Really useful 'Really Useful Boxes'

Really useful boxes are the most genius things ever - and they come in purple!

Me and Tim both have an obsession with these boxes and they're our go to choice for storage - it didn't start out like this buy design but all mine are purple and Tims are clear. It's probably a good job, otherwise we'd argue over who brought what! (I hate to admit it would probably be me starting it despite the over abundance of various boxes - I have a box of boxes!)

I bought these ones over the weekend from Hobbycraft, to make myself some embroidery floss card storage.

I like the sectionalised boxes that the various thread companies make but I wanted something slightly different.

To make my boxes I measured the interior (these 1 1/2" deep, 4 1/2" wide and 6" long) and decided to split them into 8 sections.

Tim had some card leftover from making some scenery for his hobby which he let me have (he's is definitely not a stasher when it comes to supplies!), so I used my quilting ruler and an old blade in my rotary cutter to cut the pieces out.

To make the slots I just used some scissors.

Then I slotted them together to get this insert :)

Oh, before I cut the slots in I played about with the layout and decided that I wanted the cards standing up.

Sooo... Ta - da!! Here it is!!

There are 44 cards in here which is a snug fit, but I want to keep this floss group together. I got this grouping from Aimee Raes Doodle Stitching - The Motif Collection
Its a bit of a cheat for me because its a ready made rainbow, but I liked how bright and cheery the group is. When I put colours together myself I tend to choose really deep colours, but I do love brightness so this is ideal!

I have three of these boxes made up now so I just have to get filling them up now which won't be too hard.

On being poorly
On Thursday and Friday last week I had some kind of random sickness bug that really made me feel poorly for those couple of days - I think I was actually starting with it on Wednesday because when we went to the cinema I didn't finish all of my Ben & Jerry's ice cream!!

I was off work all of Thursday and splet for most of the day, so the weekend was kind of busy because I was catching up with some bits that I should have done in the week.

Hopefully its gone now, because I have a busy few weeks ahead at work - I have just under 3 weeks left at my current job where I have to do a lot of handover work. Then on the 15th August I start my new job so I have a hell of a lot of learning to do!! Eek!

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