Monday, 4 July 2011

Take-it-with-me Project Mat

I've finished another project from my embroidery class!

This time a Take-it-with-me project mat, which I've made with some stripy canvas that I picked up from Ikea.  I've got a real thing for green at the moment so this was perfect!

The mat folds out flat like this (its a lot bigger than I need really, but never mind!)

Instead of two handles I've put one handle and a band of fabric that this can 'lock' under so that its a bit more secure without being too complicated!!

Then I've used some of the previous classes and have attached some 1 penny pieces using some shisha embroidery and some straight stitches - the metallic thread was from Mollie as part of first week class sign ups and it inspired the coins as the colours match perfectly!

I'm liking how this turned out!


  1. The locking handle is great! And I love the center circle...

  2. that looks great! still need to get the supplies to make mine :)